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What Makes a Great Soprano?


If you are an aspiring soprano, you know that constantly learning and evolving is the only way to become great. If you haven’t yet seen BBC’s production titled “What Makes a Great Soprano?” spend the next hour learning from Dame Kiri Te Kanawa and other internationally acclaimed sopranos. It will be an hour well spent. I promise! Part 1 Part …

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The 3 Golden Rules of Breathing for Choir Singers


If you haven’t yet read my post on how to use your diaphragm for singing, start there. Else, now that you know how to use your diaphragm better for singing, it’s time to learn the 3 golden rules of breathing for singing. Rule 1: Breathe In, Hold It, Sing When speaking in daily life, breathing is broken down to two …

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How to Breathe With Your Diaphragm

how to breath with the diaphragm for singing

Do you know how to breathe? Of course you do, else you wouldn’t be alive. You breathe 24/7 which would normally make you an expert in the field. So, how strange is it that you, as singers need to learn, or re-learn, how to breathe with your diaphragm to sing properly? Did you know that when we breathe normally and …

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Curwen Hand Signs / Kodály Hand Signs

Curwen Hand Signs / Kodaly Hand Signs

Curwen Hand Signs PDF Poster / Kodaly Hand Signs PDF Poster I searched all over the web for a nice image of Curwen hand signs / Kodaly hand signs and couldn’t find one. So, I made one myself! You can download it for free by subscribing to my quarterly newsletter. This is a free poster for you to print and …

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